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CALL FOR PROPOSALS! Honors Students to Present at Conferences

Honors Students,  the time is near for you to submit your abstracts for the Honors Conferences! The Honors College is going to TWO conferences this year.

Have you been working on some undergraduate research? Would you like to present that research at a conference? Attending an Honors Conference is a great way to add to your resume and to showcase all your hard work! So, take your big project out of the class room and share it with scholars!


The Georgia Collegiate Honors Council is hosting the 30th annual Honors Conference on February 8-9 at Georgia Southern University. You MUST submit your abstract for GCHC to Dean Savoie by MONDAY, JANUARY 14!


The other Honors Conference we will attend is the Southern Regional Honors Conference on April 4-6 in Louisville, Kentucky! Abstracts are due to Dean Savoie NO LATER than FRIDAY, JANUARY 18.



Email Dean Savoie at mpsavoie@valdosta.edu your abstract. Abstracts should be about 150-200 words! Make sure to have your faculty sponsor look over your abstract to give you advice. These Honors Conferences are a lot of fun and a FANTASTIC opportunity to add experience to build your resume. Don’t miss out!

If you have ANY questions, concerns, or anything at all PLEASE stop by the Honors House, contact the Honors College (email, facebook, twitter, instagram) or leave a comment here! Also, the Honors Student Association has an undergraduate research coordinator, Erica Garcia. If you have questions, you can email her at elgarcia@valdosta.edu.

 Here are the links to the conferences websites: (GCHC)  http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/honors/about/gchc and (SRHC)  http://www.srhconline.org/


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